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Special Events

Warner Brothers Earle Theater, Washington, D.C., beginning March 1, 1940
A week long Gala, "All-Star, all-Columbia Network Artists Show" to celebrate the increase in power of 'Columbia's Station for the Nation's Capitol' from 10,000 watts to 50,000 watts making it the only high-power station in the Washington-Baltimore area. With Jane Froman, "Radio's Loveliest Lark".

Night of Stars, Madison Square Garden, New York, November 27, 1940
Seventh Annual event with proceeds to aid refugees at home and abroad. In addition to Jane Froman, stars include Ed Wynn, Eddie Cantor, Jay C. Flippen, Lucy Monroe, Cross and Dunn, Eddie Duchin, Billy Gaxton, Victor Moore, Carol Bruce, Bert Lahr, Frances Langford, Jon Hall and the entire ensemble of "Your Hit Parade."

President's Birthday Ball, Sherman Hotel, Chicago, January 30, 1941
Jane received an invitation to take part in the entertainment at F.D.R.'s birthday party. Proceeds from the ball were contributed to the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.

First camp show for servicemen, Camp Dix, New Jersey, May, 1941
Jane performed in the first camp show.

First USO show, Fort Belvoir and Fort Meade, May 29, 1941
After this show, Jane continued to do USO shows. She did other war work and was one of the first performers to volunteer to entertain overseas.

Billy Rose's Truck Shows, June, 1941
Jane made appearances in north-eastern productions of these shows from time to time. They were the Army's "theaters-on-wheels," mobile stages, which played to scattered military camps in remote areas around the nation. This particular show was at Fort Dix. The bill included Milton Berle, Fifi D'Orsay, Ginger Harmon and Jane.

Canadian War Savings Drive, November, 1941
with Richard Rodgers, Charlie Chaplin

Series of three War Bond benefit concerts, Late April-early May, 1942
Jane returns to her hometown and performs at her alma maters, the University of Missouri and Christian College, as well as at Stephens College

Benefit for Russian War Relief, South Nyack NY, August 22, 1942

New hybrid orchid named after Jane, 1947

MU "Coming Home" Queen, Pep rally, 1948
Jane sings Night and Day, a capella

Harry S. Truman Inaugural Gala, The Armory, Washington, D.C., January 18, 1949

Boardwalk Benefit Damon Runyan Cancer Fund, October, 1950

Concert at Christian College Centennial Weekend, June 4, 1951
Held on front steps of St. Clair Hall with 4,000 people in attendance.

Cincinnati Conservatory of Music honorary doctorate bestowed, June 7, 1951

American National Theater and Academy Banquet, Waldorf, October, 1951

Hartford Connecticut Record Festival, Bushnel Memorial Hall, September 30, 1952

"I Am An American Day" celebration, Central Park, 2 pm, September 13, 1953

Concert, Treturller Hotel, Birmingham AL, February 18, 1956
Jane sings "It's a Great Life," "Everybody's Got a Home But Me," "How About You?"and an Irving Berlin medley while donning hats for different periods.  

Jane Froman Foundation, Inc., March 26, 1956
The Foundation was formed for the purpose of the "advancement of the health and particularly the mental health of children...or otherwise to deserving and indeigent individuals, particularly children, and to partnerships, associations, corporations, Community Chests, funds trusts, foundations, organizations, institutions, hospitals, societies, instrumentalities or other agencies now or hereafter in existence and organized and operated for the advancement of the health, and particularly the mental health of children."

Municipal Auditorium concert, with the Birmingham Symphony, Birmingham, Alabama, Fall 1956
Jane sings "It's a Great Life," "Everybody's Got a Home But Me," "How About You?"and an Irving Berlin medley, donning hats for different periods. (Roberta Thrash, Fromaneer , says it was 2/18/56); See also VC7/56; VCsum57 article by Brenda Beeson)

Fairfield Connecticut open air concert, July 15, 1960

Christian College homecoming with Helen Hayes, May, 1965

Christmas concert at Arrow Rock, 1969

150th anniversary of Missouri statehood, National Press Club, October 28, 1971
Jane's last public performance.

Jane Froman: Missouri's First Lady of Song, James Kirkpatrick State Information Center, Jefferson City, Missouri, October 16, 2003
The Missouri State Archives, the official repository for state records of permanent historic value, presented a special program honoring Jane for her contributions to the arts and professions as well as for her charitable contributions.

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