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Bon Air Country Club, Evanston, Illinois, August, 1940
Jane begins her first nightclub tour with the Bon Air. In her appearance here, she's hailed as a "showman's   dream."

Royal Palm, Miami, 1940
Jane begins her first night club tour which includes the Versailles, Riverside and Chez Paree.

Riverside, September, 1940

Ritz Theater, Newburgh, New York, September 29, 1940

Versailles, New York, November 22, 1940
Dorothy Kilgallen's column 'Thanksgiving On Broadway' has a long list of things Broadway can be thankful for, including, "Jane Froman's chanting at the Versailles, which has started a revival of George Gershwiniana."

Chez Paree, December, 1940

Riobamba, New York, December 10, 1942
Opens at this chic club wearing gowns by Valentina.

Mounds Club, Cleveland, September 21, 1944

Chez Paree, Chicago, October,  1944
Performs strapped to a piano. It is her first major engagement following accident.

Copacabana, New York, January to February, 1945
Jane performs using a rolling platform with piano which was also used in Chicago at the Chez Paree a few weeks earlier. This was her first Copa appearance since the crash. The engagement would have been held over until April, which would have been a record, except that a midnight curfew, set on all places of entertainment, began on February 25th. The Copa decided to close entirely until the curfew was lifted. Jane closed the final show with Auld Lang Syne. Another number was "Tea For Two" which she sang with a marine riding on her moveable piano.

Colonial Inn, Miami Beach, January, 1947
Jane Froman now gets around without leaning on her little piano at all and has also almost overcome her stammering.

Gross Pointe News, January 16, 1947

Riviera night club, New Jersey, August, 1948
Jane stands alone onstage for the first time since the crash. She sings It's A Great Life, Millionaires Don't Whistle and Begin The Beguine.

Copa City, Miami Beach, March 1949
Jane's engagement was held over. Jane-Froman's delightful repertoire at Copa City, where the deafening applause was thrillins to hear. This young lady is Top-Drawer and is stopping shows colder than ever.

Charleston Daily Mail, March 17, 1949

Saxony,  Miami, 1950

Flamingo, in Las Vegas, 1950

Persian Room, Hotel Plaza, October, 1950
Debut at the Persian Room. Jane reopens the newly renovated room. Opens with "Hallelujah" and sings "I Want To Be Loved," "Millionaires Don't Whistle" and "I've Got You Under My Skin" among others.
Valley Morning Star, October 20, 1950

Mocambo, Sunset Strip, Hollywood, August 22, 1950
Fanny Brice comes to see Jane.

Copa City, Miami Beach, December 21, 1950
Milton Berle greeted beauteous, busty Jane Froman from his table one night at Copa City. She leaned down from the stage in a low-cut gown. "Please, please," begged Milton turning his head away, "bend up"!.

Syracuse Herald-Journal, January 11, 1951

Bill Miller's Riviera, New Jersey, April, 1952
Jimmy Durante substituted for her on opening night.

Waldorf Astoria, March, 1952

Chez Paree, Chicago, May, 1952

Ciro's nightclub in Hollywood, 1953
One of Jane's numbers was "Southern California Blues"

Cocoanut Grove, Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, California, April, 1954

Copacabana, New York, April 29, 1954
Opens a 3 week engagement billed as the "Queen of Hearts". During rehearsals she sings "Answer Me, My Love." She leaves the show temporarily because of sinusitis from a cold she caught from the air conditioning.

Desert Inn, Las Vegas, July 19, 1955
Has a $250,000 contract with Desert Inn for three, four-week appearances in the next 18 months. This is the first round under the contract. She opens 2 weeks late.

Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ending August 31, 1955
Reno Evening Gazette August 27, 1955

Waldorf-Astoria, September 29, 1955 - postponed??

Empire Room, Waldorf-Astoria, New York, January 12, 1956

Empire Room, Waldorf-Astoria, Sunday January 22, 1956

Eden Roc, Miami, March 7, 1956
Three week engagement

Ambassador Hotel, Cocoanut Grove, Los Angeles, April 18, 1956
Two week engagement

Desert Inn, May 8, 1956

Riverside, Reno, June 8, 1956

Beverly Hills Country Club, Newport, Kentuckyy, June 6 - 19, 1957

Desert Inn, Las Vegas, December 3, 1957

Chez Paree, November 13 through December 3, 1959
Billed as a "comeback". (Possibly opened on November 11th)

Persian Room, Plaza Hotel, December  28, 1959
Jane Sings How About You?; You're Perf; It's All Right With Me; Millionaires Don't Whistle; Porgy & Bess Medley which includes I Got Plenty Of Nothing, I Loves You Porgy and It Ain't Necessarily So; My Farorite Things; Climb Every Mountain; A medley from Heart including The Man I Love, What Is There To Say, That Old Feeling, Too Marvelous, Man Of My Heart, Gypsy In My Soul, I'll Walk Alone, I Believe, Get Happy and With A Song In My Heart. The last song on the bill is You Still Have Your Lifetime Before You. Richard Rodgers gives Jane gets a kiss at the first show. A group of Fromanettes are also at the show.

Casino Royal, Washington DC, February 3, 1960

Venetian Room, Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, February 25, 1960
Three week engagement

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