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July 30, 1941               Citation "In recognition of patriotic service to her country." United States 

                                    Treasury Department.

May 21, 1944              Citation. Philco Radio Hall of Fame.

1945                            Citation for "Meritorious service." National War Fund.

October 3, 1945          Green Room Award from the Nash-Kelvinator Musical Showroom, a half hour

                                    musical show hosted by the Andrews Sisters, in recognition of her contribution

                                    to entertainment.

1948                            Plaque for Service and Devotion to Armed Forces during World War II. American

                                    Veterans of World War II.

February 22, 1949      Citation for Contribution to unity and Brotherhood." National Conference of

                                    Christians and Jews.

May 16, 1951              Plaque for "Untiring efforts and unselfishness in entertaining men of the Armed

                                    Forces." Jewish War Veterans of New York.

June 4, 1951               Citation "In honor of her voice, courage, modesty, which notwithstanding

                                    international fame as a star has kept her loyal to her Alma Mater." Christian

                                    College Honor Service Award.

June 7, 1951               Honorary Degree of Doctor of Music. Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.

October 5, 1951          Citation from National Society for Crippled Children and Adults.

November, 1951          Plaque. Annual award for building "morale of orthopedically handicapped." New

                                    York Philanthropic League of United Order, True Sisters, Inc.

November 12, 1951    Citation "for outstanding services to charitable endeavors." American National

                                    Theater and Academy Dinner.

March 24, 1952          Citation for "efforts and devotion to men and women of Armed Forces on fighting

                                   fronts, and wherever duty called." U.S.O. Camp Shows.

April 3, 1952               Citation for "inspiration, example, great courage, substantial contribution to

                                   morale of Armed Forces. The Independent Theater Owners Association.

April 26, 1952             Plaque as "record of achievement in the field of human relations.” Yiddish

                                   Theatrical Alliance 1951 Humanitarian Award.

February 5, 1952        Plaque for magnificent contributions to "With A Song in My Heart." Photoplay

                                   Magazine Gold Medal Award.

June 10, 1952            Citation for "Citizen of High Order, consistant friend, promoter of the ideals of

                                   youth." Ardmore Junior High School, Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

June 26, 1952            Honorary Chairmanship of Foundation Citation. National Nephrosis Foundation,


November, 1952         Woman of Achievement Medallion. Women's International Exposition.

March 1953                Certificate of Honor for "Distinguished achievement in 1953 Red Cross Fund."

                                   American National Red Cross.

March 5, 1953            New York State Association for Crippled Children. "Service Award for Chairman

                                   of the 1953 Red Cross Fund."/ Chairman of the 1953 Easter Seal Appeal


April 23, 1953             Veterans of Foreign Wars Loyalty Award. Chairman of Entertainment Industry

                                   Committee of NY County Council.

May 14, 1953              Junior Achievement Award Medallion for inspiration to youth.
                                    Johns Manville Corporation.

May 15, 1953              1953 Americanism Citation, for "maintaining morale of men in Armed Forces in

                                    War and Peace." Long Island Chapter of Knights of Columbus.

June 8, 1953               “Thank You Note.” White House, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

October 21, 1953        Honorary Membership in The New York Chapter of Hadassah.

November 19, 1953     A gold record for selling one million of her records. Capitol Records

November 21, 1953     Personality of the Year Award. Variety Club of Washington Tent No. 11.

November 29, 1953     Noted Well Known Entertainer. Orchid Award TV Program.

1954                            Nomination for the Best Female Singer. The Academy of Television Arts and


1954                            Share Your Knowledge Award. The Philadelphia Club of Printing House


February 11, 1954       Membership. The Actors Fund of America

March 8, 1954              The Woman of the Year for 1953. The Boston Press Club.

March 14, 1954            Gold medal award for "courage and fortitude." Bellevue-Stratford Hotel,


Spring 1954                  Goodwill Award for Courage in the face of Handicaps

Spring 1954                  Outstanding Achievement Award in Veteran Welfare. Annual Citation for World

                                     War II Service, Catholic War Veterans Department of New York

October 14, 1954          Handicapped People's Award for Inspiration.

1955                              Trouper of the Year. The Troupers. (The Troupers gave benefits and raised

                                      funds for needy children of theatrical families.)

February, 1955              Outstanding Television Personality of the Year. Baltimore Advertisers. The

                                      Advertising Club of Baltimore

March 20, 1955             B'nai B'rith Award for citizenship . The Metropolitan Council of B’Nai B’rith

May 26, 1955                American Legion Award for "inspiring and continuous service to veterans at

                                      home and overseas." The Dan Tallon Post No. 678 American Legion.

May 1957                      Recognition of Distinguished Achievement in the Theatrical Arts. The Lambs.

1962                              TROPHY. CCC Achievement

May 4, 1963                  Distinguished Alumna Award. Christian College.

1967                              Award: Missouri State Easter Seal Campaign Chairman

                                      The National Society for Crippled Children and Adults

March 28, 1968             Citation (leather binder). U.S.O.

1971                              Mental Health Award. Missouri Association For Mental Health.

July 12, 1973                 Newspaper Article. The Clinton

July 17, 1973                 Proclamation. City of Clinton

April 1976                      Certificate. Columbia College Board of Trustees

1977                              Honorary Life Trustee Trophy. The Menninger Foundation

April 7, 1981                  Proclamation: Jane Froman Day, City of Columbia

March 11, 2005             Proclamation: Jane Froman Day, City of Columbia

no date                          Plaque: “A Gallant Girl”. The Wounded War Veterans at Walter Reed Hospital

                                      Washington, DC

no date                          Membership Certificate Beta Beta Beta

no date                          Tree Fund, State of Israel

no date                          “Thumbs Up” Award, The Institute for the Crippled and Disabled

no date                          Appreciation, Theater Owners of America

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